Commercial Imaging by C’s Photography will discuss and plan your commercial session with your business and all pertinent parties. This ensures that you will receive the images exactly as you require them.After your assignment is photographed, your images will be available to view within 24 business hours.

After choosing the images that your business desires, all images will be professionally retouched and enhanced. Final images can be available within 24 business hours unless there is additional specified work that your company requires (removal of unwanted objects out of the photographers control, etc).

Any requested digital images will be sized and saved to your requirement. They can be delivered on CD or emailed (unless size requirements are too large to do so) and your company will hold full usage rights to the completed images.

If you have any further questions regarding our commercial services or you would like a quote on your assignment, please contact us. We look forward to providing your company with our services and hope to add you to our long list of satisfied clientele.