About Us

Commercial Imaging by C’s Photography was established in 1979 in Longview, Washington by Don Cianci.  Don is Cowlitz Counties only certified master photographer.  He is Inter-Nationally awarded & recognized and has been selected as a feature photographer at the Epcot Center.

Why Choose Imaging by C’s Photography?

With over 90 years of combined experience, we have the ability to overcome the special obstacles in Commercial Photography to give your business the branding image you’re your company desires and deserves.

We understand that commercial jobs take specific planning.  From the perfect lighting to being un-obtrusive in your work environment, we know how to get the perfect image that you are looking for.  We provide a product that you need, exactly the way that you require it, in the time constraints that you necessitate (because everybody needed it yesterday!).

Our rates vary depending on your companies needs, complexity of the assignment and if travel is involved.  Please contact us with your project and we will gladly supply you a quote specified to your needs.