About Us

Commercial Imaging by C’s Photography was established in 1979 in Longview, Washington by Don Cianci.  Don is a certified master photographer and is Inter-Nationally awarded & recognized and has been selected as a feature photographer at the Epcot Center.

Why Choose Imaging by C’s Photography?

With over 90 years of combined experience, we have the ability to overcome the special obstacles in Commercial Photography to give your business the branding image you’re your company desires and deserves.

Founder and Master Photographer Don Cianci, along with his team of professionals know how to provide you with top quality corporate imaging and service. We understand that commercial jobs take specific planning.  From the perfect lighting to being in-obtrusive in your work environment, we know how to get the perfect image that you are looking for.  We provide a product that you need, exactly the way that you require it, in the time constraints that you necessitate (because everybody needed it yesterday!).

Our rates vary depending on your companies needs, complexity of the assignment and if travel is involved.  Click HERE to learn more.

Your Team

Don Cianci –
Owner | Master Photographer

Photography has been a family tradition for me. My father, Victor Cianci, started me in the dark room of his studio at age 10 and by the time I was 15, I had photographed my first wedding. The most rewarding part of owning C’s Photography is handing our clients their professionally created portraits and knowing that piece of art, brought to life by the members of my team, will be appreciated for years to come.


Cassandra Dunckel Cianci–
Photographer | Production Artist

I originally became interested in photography because it was a way for me to express myself artistically.  I enjoy the challenge of crafting a person’s vision for their session and am always researching new ideas for all of the clients that come through our studio. Whether it’s a newborn’s first photograph, a 1st birthday cake smash, a family, a senior or a publicity portrait, I love creating something special for all of my clients.  I am a vigilant perfectionist and am not satisfied until every client can take home a stunning portrait.


Elizabeth McGarry –
Sales Representative | Marketing Coordinator

I am one of the first people you might talk to when planning your portrait session. Before the portrait is on the wall, before the session takes place, everything starts with an idea and the best portraits come from the best ideas. I guide our clients through the ordering process once their session is complete.  It is also my responsibility to help design effective advertising and to make sure we are supplying the kinds of products that our clients want.


Jerry Ames –

For me, it’s all about capturing and highlighting a moment of someone’s life. Each moment can’t be brought back so I love being able to pause time in the form of a photograph. The journey of our clients’ portraits start with me in the session by bringing together the right mix of creativity and traditionalism. I really enjoy the process of customizing each session for each client blending my experience with their imagination. I make sure the lights and props are perfect at all times while keeping smiles on everyone’s faces.